3 Reasons why 1000's of lash artists are upgrading to Promade Lashes

by Kylie Elms on Jul 17, 2021

3 Reasons why 1000's of lash artists are upgrading to Promade Lashes



We've had so many requests from lash artists asking about Promade and what the benefits are. Well, we're here to show you why 1000's of lash artists from around the world are upgrading to Promade. So if you're curious to find out how it can help your lash business grow, we've gone into detail the three main topics that is seeing lash artists improve their lash service.

One of the most important things to remember when doing a clients lashes, is their lash health, and maintaining it. It's one thing that sometimes gets overlooked. But below you'll see how Promade can help improve lash health too!
The other most important thing to remember is the quality of lashes used, and today we are so excited to tell you all about our Promade Lashes. 

So let's get into it. There are 3 main things to know about how this stunning fan can help grow your business. Which will not only have you lashing faster and easier, but have your clients loving your work even more then they already are!

3 Ways Promade will get you lashing next level:



This one's for short stem lovers. Most short stem artists wish for a thinner base at least once a week, right? Well now you can have it! The Promade has a wide fan just like short stem, but has a ultra thin base. Our 6D Promade 0.07 base width is THINNER than a 4D 0.10 short stem base! Yep. Read that again. 6D Promade thinner than a 4D! Now that's thin! TICK!


With Promade having less glue, thinner bases and Platinum silk blended into the lashes, it means the fans are super soft, light to the touch and so much more durable! What more would both you and your client want?

When your lashes are light and flexible they last longer on your clients! 3 weeks or more retention anyone? Oh yeah! So get ready for the compliments to flood in as you're hailed a hero by your clients. Bringing them back again and again!



As we said above, last but certainly not least is your clients lash health.
Lash fans sometimes get overlooked for their lash health benefits, and our Promade Fans are fantastic for lash health.
The light weight of the fans encourages lash growth. It also offers less irritation.  All great things to mention to your clients when discussing their lashes and treatments. When they know that you care about their lash health, this will keep them satisfied and happy time and time again, bringing them back over and over! TICK!


So if you're a short stem lover and have wanted to try our Promade, or love it and want to try another style, now's the time! 

If you're interested in taking your lash business to the next level, we hope you'll explore the Promade range, and enjoy the benefits like just like 1000's of happy lash artists!

Happy lashing! 
The Lash V Team x