by Sarah Lash V Academy on Jan 17, 2023

As a beauty salon owner, an at home lash artist or starting out in the world of beauty you will be asking yourself daily ‘how can I increase my income?’. Well, sit back and get ready to take your business to the next level as we have crafted our top 4 tactics that you can use to help upsell your services or products to your customers without coming across ‘pushy’. And if you’re doing these right, you too can make over $100 on every client. So here they are:

1. Upsell during the treatment and make it relevant: 

A friendly conversation opens every door. Keep every conversation professional but make sure you ask lots of questions, and most importantly, listen out for every detail your client tells you, their plans and problems included. This way you will be able to find products and treatments to suit them and their needs. Smart right? For example, Susan is going on holidays and is jealous of her friends lash extensions but she can’t get lash extensions done. This gives you an opportunity to suggest Lash V Lash Growth Serum that can give her longer, fuller lashes in a matter of weeks! The more relevant you make your product to your client, the less ‘pushy’ and more natural it comes across when you get to the counter and upsell. 

2. Product placement: 

Product placement is super important in your business. Always make sure the products you sell are visible in your waiting area or near the area the client leaves their belongings so your client can have a little gawk at what you have to offer. Let them get a touch and feel for the product. If you spot your client looking at the products give them some advice on how it will suit them. The Rich Brow Soap is a best seller because it’s so easy to have open for your clients to try. Once they smell it, they always fall in love with the sweet candy scent. Give them a mirror, a spoolie and let them up their brow game. 

3. Sell packages:  

Packages are a perfect way to offer value to your clients while your business can benefit from the profit of the upsell. Think about what type of packages would entice your clients and calculate suitable prices. Be sure to include packages that are a combination of services with retail items. Get your brow service but for only X amount more get yourself a Lash V Brow Growth Serum & Brow Ink Stain Kit to keep their brows perfect at home. 

 4. Free service:

Everyone loves a free service! So introduce the use of your retail products into the end of your service for free clients. A quick touch up with Pomade Brow Balm or Brow Ink Stain Kit for 15 seconds of your time, they will certainly want to continue the look at home and so will be enticed to buy. These little introductions of products will make your client immediately think I NEED THIS!  So with a super quick free service, not only will your clients love you, so will your bank account too.  

All these tactics have been proven successful, but remember consistency is key. You can make $100 or more per client if you upsell well, so it’s worth doing it on every client.  Now that we have let you in on our little secrets. Get out there and put it into practice!!

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Happy upselling babe xx