One V Salon pride themselves on creating the best products that help all our Lash Artists and their customers. We believe in our Lash Growth Serum so much that we offer a Money-Back Guarantee on any client who doesn’t see any results. Please see below our Terms & Conditions:

Please explain to your clients the steps below so they can photograph their lash growth process correctly.

It will help them enjoy watching their lashes grow. (Also great for B4/After photos to promote on your social pages) This will also help qualify them for the One V Salon Lash growth Serum Money-Back Guarantee if they don’t see results from our Lash Growth Serum.

Here's what they need to do:

1. Capture a ‘before’ photo (displaying date and time) of your clients lashes against the One V Salon lash growth ruler on day 1 before application.

2. Capture  an ‘during’ photo (displaying date & time) of your clients lashes against the One V Salon lash growth ruler on day 21 (3 weeks).

3. Capture another photo (displaying date and time) of lashes on the One V Salon lash growth ruler on day 42 (6 weeks).

4. 98% Customers should see a result, yay! But anyone who sadly sees no lash growth in 60 days, please follow below instructions to apply for the lash growth serum money-back guarantee.


1. Email your clients X3 photos, your One V Salon order number, and customer receipt of purchase within 60 days of purchase.

2. We will email you a return parcel slip for you to print & return the product to us.

3. You agree to refund the customer the full Retail price paid. We will refund you the wholesale price paid within 3 business days after receiving the returned product.  4. You agreeing to the above means you agree to refund your client the full retail price paid at your expense. If you sell our retail range, you have read & agree to all retail Terms &Conditions at or link found at the bottom of the page.

If you have any more questions, please reach out any time. We’re here to support you and the growth of your clients lashes & brows, and your business.