Providing a 15 minute lash service: how to double your clientele and triple your daily appointments.

by social LashV on Nov 01, 2023

Providing a 15 minute lash service: how to double your clientele and triple your daily appointments.

15 MINUTE LASH SERVICE and cater to a whole new clientele? Start saying YES to more appointments.


Lash V is all about helping your business grow, and that’s why we have been working super hard to bring a brand-new product to the lash industry that will change the lash game forever to help your salon thrive.


Introducing, your salons new bestie Miss Wispy Cluster Lashes. The perfect service for clients who seek convenience. I am sure you have all had clients that can’t keep up with the maintenance of lash extensions, clients that live super busy lives and don’t have the time to sit through 2-hour lash appointments or clients who simple would prefer a cheaper service option. We are now offering a solution to all these common problems, and as to why potential clients steer away from consistent appointments. Did I mention they last 5-10 days???? *pinch me moment*  From natural and wispy to sultry and dramatic, these lashes are customizable and stackable. Pro quality lash segments that go under the lash line for a seamless blend.


New clients you will attract


  • Clients who seek convenience
  • Busy clients who seek a quick fix
  • Classic lash clients curious about volume
  • Lash newbies who want to try out different styles
  • Clients who are allergic to standard lash extensions
  • Clients who have a special event or short trip


Lash Artist Benefits

  • Perfect for beginners who are struggling with standard lash artist application
  • Do not have to be a qualified lash technician
  • Great for busy salons who want a quick appointment turn around
  • Super easy to apply and easy to upsell add ons


So if you are wanting to provide a super quick, convenient, cost friendly service then our Miss Wispy Cluster Lashes 77 pack are going to change the game for you!!! Each box contains 77 beautifully designed clusters, which can create 7-8 customisable sets for your clients. In celebration of our new launch we are offering 50% when you bulk buy 20 packs, meaning each set will cost you as little as $1.44! Now that’s what we call THE ULTIMATE GIRL MATH


How much can I charge these for?

The pricing of this service ultimately depends on several factors, such as whether you operate from a hone salon or a store, the local competition and how much you charge for other services. However, we recommend offering this service between $25 and $35 to stay competitive.


How do I upsell and increase profit?

A cheeky little benefit is the ability to upsell products for this service. It is essential to use professional remover LINK MISS WISPY REMOVER to remove these lashes. Miss Wispy Remover quickly breaks down the bond and allows you to gently remove the clusters from the natural lashes maintaining the natural lash health. Therefore, you can add a cheeky little upsell on every appointment, or book in a quick 5 minute removal appointment to professionally remove them yourself, boosting your profit. Genius we know!


By adding these lash sets to your salon services, you will watch you clientele organically THRIVE with lash solutions to cater to everybody and allow you to fit in more clients each day. We are so proud of this range and cant wait for you all to reap the benefits, thank us later!