GIRLMATH - Get the most out of Black Friday 70% OFF

by social LashV on Nov 12, 2023

GIRLMATH - Get the most out of Black Friday 70% OFF

Are you ready for the ultimate girl math? We’ve got you covered! Brace yourself because here at Lash V we have unleashed the secret formula for scoring all your hot favourites at a fraction of the price with everything up to a jaw dropping 70% off, and we all know what that means in girl math world, its practically free!!!

Lets delve into how our top sellers are going to take your services to the next level and ultimately soar your business profits!!!

Whether you are a dedicated brow artist, a lash lover or both, we have got some serious savings to delve into. And guess what? Your bank account will thank us for it, so get ready to thank us later! 

 Stain Without Henna 50% OFF


The girl math speaks for itself on this one! Our stain without henna has revolutionised the brow game with talented brow artists upping there brow services all around the world. Our stain without henna is practically an investment on its own and its now 50% OFF!!! Allowing you to level up your services from a standard tint to a beautifully rich stain at as little as 30 cents per client! Yeah we said that!!! Staining client skin for 7-10 days and hair 4-6 weeks they get a much longer lasting result, as well as a richer deep pigment. Your clientel will not only organically flourish from providing this service, you can also charge more than a standard tint service. Pinch me moment ino! A great way to grow your business profit and were here for it!!!!         

LEARN MORE ABOUT: Lami Lift Balm & Silicone Lamination Brush 70% off

Our Lami lift balm and silicone lamination brush are a match made in heaven. You ready to talk girl math…. At 70% off you are stealing our hot best seller a as little as AUD $5.99, ino make it make sense right? This baby will cut your prep time in half!!! Acting as an adhesive for your lift and lamination treatments our next level formula effortlessly lifts and locks the hairs in place in seconds. Meaning - you have more time to service more clients, create consistent results and earn more profit for your business.  This is a deal not to be missed. With this Girl Math you are watching your clientel thrive and profits multiple instantly.

LEARN MORE ABOUT: Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Kit 25% off

Buckle up hunnies because we have cracked the ultimate girl math formula for your brow lamination and lash lifting services!

Get ready to be shook because with a stunning 25% off, your scoring each treatment for as little as $1.85 per client. In girl math worlds, that practically a steal – yaaas we did that! Our laminating and lash lifting kit is your sectret delivering flawless consistent resukts every single time = its practically an investment! 

LEARN MORE ABOUT: Evolution Super Fast Eyelash Adhesive

Time to crack the ultimate girl math code with the adhesive that’s changed the lash game!!!!

Evolution adhesive allows you to lash to the speed of light with an impressicve 0.25 second dry time! If you need a glue to keep up with you? Then this is the glue for you! Allowing you to work faster and service more clients for your lash filled days! Lets watch the profits thriveeeee honey

LEARN MORE ABOUT: Miss Wispy Cluster Lashes – 77 Lashes X20 50% off

Lash V is all about helping your business grow, and that’s why we have been working super hard to bring a brand-new product to the lash industry that will change the lash game forever to help your salon thrive. Ah and I almost forgot to mention, why not have 50% off? Ino, how do we do right?

Miss Wispy Cluster lashes - The perfect service for clients who seek convenience. I am sure you have all had clients that can’t keep up with the maintenance of lash extensions, clients that live super busy lives and don’t have the time to sit through 2-hour lash appointments or clients who simple would prefer a cheaper service option. We are now offering a solution to all these common problems and allowing you to expand your clientele. INVEST IN YOUR BRAND HONEYYYYS

Lasting 5-10days ranging from natural and wispy to sultry and dramatic, these lashes are customisable and stackable. Pro quality lash segments that go under the lash line for a seamless blend. You can bulk and save these babies at 50% off per x20 pack and expand your lash services today.

LEARN MORE ABOUT:  Loose 1000 Promade Fans 25% off

They are not are hot top seller for nothing, and we felt it important to offer you a unbelievable discount since you all love them as much as we do. When we think of our loose range, we instantly think quality! Consistent high quality fans every single time. Our loose range includes our signature snatched base, paired with a delicate fluffy fan, and your results speak for themselves. We was feeling a lil cheeky and we have thrown a jawdropping 25% off these babies, so you can invest in your business and start providing the highest quality products an the lowest possible cost! And that honey, is what you call girl math!!! *Drops mic*


OUR BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR is here and waiting for you, darling! But we mean it when we say run dont walk as its as stocks last and they have been flyyyyying off the shelves. Its time babe, lets turn these discounts into dollars!!!


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